The tropical rainforests span our planet like a green, living belt. Countless animal and plant species live in them, many of which have not yet been discovered. These “green lungs” store large amounts of carbon dioxide and are essential for the preservation of the Earth's climate.

However, saving the rainforests is easier said than done, as long as the demand for tropical wood is increasing. With materials made with Resysta®, anybody can make an important contribution to the protection of the rainforests. The innovative material is absolutely wood-free, so that not a single tree needs to be cut down.

And that is not all: A decisive ecological advantage is the 100% recyclability of Resysta profiles. Disposal and material recycling are part of a closed circle. In this way, old profiles are turned into valuable raw material again and can be used in the production of new profiles with no loss of quality.

Our manufacturing facility in Malaysia has been granted Singapore Green Label by the Singapore Environment Council. ​