Wall Cladding

The natural timber effect of Resysta's wood replacement cladding is an increasing popular choice for finishing the outside wall appearance of houses and buildings. Resysta cladding is an attractive and economical way to finish the exterior of both new and renewed buildings.

Resysta impresses with its unique properties not only with its longevity but also in feel, look and the diversity of potential applications for facade design. Due to the high material density Resysta is especially resistant to driving rain. Due to the fact that it does not swell, splinter, shrink or crack, Resysta differs from other materials. 

RESYSTA Wall Cladding Advantages

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  • Owing to Resysta’s polar properties, glazes and sealing perfectly adhere to the surface.
  • Resysta does not absorb water. Therefore flaking of the glazes or sealing does not occur.
  • No graying of the surface
  • Barely visible changes in color, even after many years
  • High screw withdrawal resistance
  • Durability category 1 (very durable) against fungal decay

Resysta has been especially developed for outdoor areas. Therefore Resysta withstands climatically challenging conditions, like aggressive influences caused by weather, environment and temperature. Thanks to these exceptional properties, Resysta represents the ideal material for facades as well as for terrace construction and installation in bathroom units. The polar properties of Resysta allow for the perfect adherence of glazes and sealing - the perfect precondition for long-lasting color design of the Resysta facade. Color chipping and flaking of the Resysta surface cannot occur. The glazes contain color pigments of highest quality standard and are not destroyed by UV-light.